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Parenting Resources

Empowering Parenting Workshop

Parenting education is delivered in the form of workshops, groups meetings, conferences and retreats. The parent is taught the developmental stages of the child and appropriate discipline. Common traps are discussed and the biblical expectations of both parents and children are reviewed for practical application. This series challenges the parents to examine their parenting style and the effectiveness of it for the level their child is at currently. Workships include:

  • Active Parenting Workshop Series (Teen Parenting 11 years and up - Active Parenting newborn to 10 years old)
  • Grief and Loss Workshop Series (Teens and Adults)
  • Teen Focused Biblical Counseling Series (Ages 10-18)

For more information, click here for a copy of the Parenting Resources Flyer.

Basic Principles of Parenting

Getting Your Priorities Straight

Successful Parenting

Leaving an Inheritance

Not Practicing Biblical Love Provokes Children to Anger

Grandparents As Parents

Moving Forward and Beyond