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Great Women of God

Great Women of GOD are wise enough to know that GOD is our strength and taking time to come together with others of like mind brings HIM honor and us righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost (that is the Kingdom of GOD). We recognize that we must silently and quietly wait on the Lord without fear or hesitance. We understand that we must leave it to HIM to maintain our honor. We pause to deeply reflect on the absoluteness and goodness of GOD, understanding clearly that He is our Protector and because of HIS great love for us through His provision of Jesus Christ, we can enjoy Kingdom of God living:

  • A Health Program – Healing
  • An Education Program – Teaching Ministry of the Holy Spirit
  • A Taxation System – Tithing
  • A Central Communication System – Gifts of the Spirit
  • A Diplomatic Corps – Ambassadors of Christ
  • A System of Administration – Ministration of the Spirit through mankind called the Church
  • An Economy – System of Giving and Receiving (seed time and harvest time)
Great Women of God

We come together to celebrate that we are citizens of the Kingdom of God
and are relatives of the King and because of that we are queens ourselves!

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