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God has created all things for His purpose based on His plans. Such is the case for GACCS, a non-profit 501(c)3 of Volunteer Spirit-Filled Professionals and Para-Professional, established to provide services for behavioral, spiritual and physical health with emphases on prevention. Since 1995, then known as ESCCS, our goal has been to ‘help people from where they are’ to make the lifestyle changes necessary to comply with God’s Standard for their lives. Incorporated in March 1998, GACCS serves the under served population seeking Christian counseling, mentoring, problem focused trainings, tutorial and outreach not generally handled by traditional providers.


GACCS realizes the limitation of traditional treatment modalities and views the Word of God as a necessary component for the resolutions of life problems and prayer as a channel to effect the much needed change. We are committed to healing the “whole person” and helping the client to work towards lifestyle changes that will lead to continued recovery.

GACCS believes that regular Christian fellowship is vital for spiritual growth that will result in lasting outward change. GACCS’s philosophy is that growth comes through confidential openness without judgment and at no time will impose individual Church doctrine on the consumer.

It is the view of GACCS that successful treatment can only take place when the consumer is receptive to exploring the solutions, willing to follow through with their portion of the treatment plan and consistently attend sessions.

GACCS is suited for the consumer who is interested in life changing treatment but may not have the insurance benefit or financial resources to obtain treatment from traditional providers. For that reason, GACCS provides a sliding scale fee and in cases where the consumer has no financial resources, services are provided without charge. 

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